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Allow us to be your 1st choice for your medical Transportation.


For patients with needs of transportation that are able to walk or somewhat walk with either crutches or a walker.

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For patients with needs of transportation with wheelchair or power wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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For patients with needs of transportation on a gurney.

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We are a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Company with over 7 years of transportation experience. With us you will receive the upmost care with your family members and close friends that are in need of transportation to all their medical appointments. We are more than simply a transportation company, we put much more time and effort to make sure all of our clients are safely and properly taken Care of. With all our years of experience we have learnt how to deal with all kinds of situations on how to continue to give the best service experience for all our clients. But more than that on how to make very close friendships with each and every client and as a result many of our patients continue to enjoy our services.     

Let us be your next choice for your Medical Transportation!

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